novel: Don’t Start Killing – Amir Atef

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Don't Start Killing - Amir Atef

dont start kiling

Novel: “Don’t start killing” presentation:

Do not dig up the past and do not make the same mistake they made more than thirty years ago .. Because behind every passing event you see with your own eyes, dozens, but hundreds of other events, which you better try not to see except at the right time.
“Hossam Al-Azhari”, “Isaaq Sergios”, “Jamal Ceramica” and “Samar Shuaib” … Imagine, what is the thing that is stronger than blood to tie them together ?! and Will they be reunited after a diaspora?!

An obscure writer, a deacon in a church, a drug dealer and Prostitute girl. Confidence does not occupy any space between them, completely different in everything, but they are all combined with one thing, one curiosity, one goal .. they have no choice but to get it, they have no luxury of choice. There is no way to undo, There is no chance of any error…!
Will they get their target ?! Do not try to expect anything .. because you will definitely fail. Do not try to fully use your affection, because you may suddenly find yourself involved with them. Do not start murder now. Wait, wait, now we’ll start.

Don’t start murder nover by: Amir Atef

Writer Amir Atef

The writer Amir Atef was born in Cairo, Egypt, October 10, 1984, Bachelor of Arts, studied Greek and Latin literature and has several critical articles on the work of ancient Greek writers …
**Published by Amir Atef:
– The novel “Emergency – Tare’ “in September 2014, In August 2015, he gave its rights to make it a movie , and he will continue to write the script for her after completing his next novel …
– “None of the previous– la shai’ mema sabaq”, in January 2016.
– “Logarithm – Logharitm” in January 2017
– “Don’t start murder – la tabda’ al katl” in January 2018
– “Revenge Circles – dawaer al entekam” in January 2020
all published by by Dawn Publishing and Distribution…

– “Gerisha island – dawaer al entekam” in January 2022
all published by by Dawn Publishing and Distribution…

* Source: Wikipedia

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