Frequently Asked Questions

What is your explanation of the lack of literary output of this sex?

– This type of literature needs a mentality with special specifications. A mentality can weave a complex and interesting and exciting story to be fooled by the reader “in the end. Not every book is kicking that mentality. Because they – from my point – in just about 20% of the book. That ratio is just that you can write a policing novel.

2 What are shepherds of writing in this sex?

– There are no caveats or restrictions, or supposed to be as well. But in some countries you can not write a policing novel in which a person’s personality or national or religious symbol. You can not write an intimate scene even if this scene is within authentic context in the novel.

3 What are differences in the techniques of writing this novel and novel?

– The pulse novel as I said, you need a mentality that can weave a complex, through an interesting story, and a node seems to read as reader. Everything I think did not happen … but happened another completely … then the writer has succeeded. In the classic novel, he is dominated by the character of the quiet. However there are many classic novels in excitement and suspense.

4 Why there is no Arab writer can be described as specialist in this kind-style Ajatha Christie?

– It is wrong to seek any writer to be called the reader that it is similar to a writer, because the biggest goal is to be, with his own finger. I see that there is a wonderful Arab book in writing polysical novels. 5 Tell us about your own experience in dealing with this style of writing. – Since I was waiting for reading, I wish I could write a novel like a “facade” novel to Dr. Youssef Ezz El Din Issa … A novel prison my breath from the first page until it reached a word. Contemporary novels such as clouds novels, Dan Brown, JK Rolling. Then they showed the films with excitement and suspense, especially a “prolonged war” and “my angel Alexandria” and “Identity” … etc. I asked myself; Can I weave such kids?! Can I write a novel I make everyone who reads her breath and boost blood in his veins?! … Easy to watch a wonderful film and wrote and write him a huge. But it is very difficult to create a police novel with an exciting, ambiguity and thrilling from inside his brain, from the girls of his ideas, it is difficult, exhausted and very tired. The tired is more to write the writer novel and succeed, waiting for him the reader another novel to see me. All I did is I stood in my room, in front of the White Sporty, and wrote one sentence to myself.

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