Novel: Logarithm by Amir Atef

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Novel: Logarithm by Amir Atef

Novel: Logarithm by Amir Atef

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He did not know that the details of the story would change every time to make it out of control. A distinguished writer, a loving wife, multiple relationships and a lady famous writer .. Details overlap and create multiple interlocking destinies outside the boundaries of the mind. A crime occurred and the real perpetrator was not revealed, although there are already punished perpetrators in a prison without walls, but it is completely immune to flight. And a trial, in which the judge did not rule before …!

Exciting cumbersome details, thorny tales … How did love mix with destruction and fall? What made that writer Marawan Gabr suddenly turn into an accused who does not know his fate ?! Could this writer be a victim of his novels? Or that the characters of his novels turn into real people who chase him in his life and drive him crazy? And finally, after all. What may fate make us?

The disease; That terrifying and terrifying thing, which visits a person from time to time, brings him to death even an inch. What would have happened if this world have created without illness, which is the ugliest thing after death. Illness is ugly, and death is uglier. The ugliest of the two is that the first is a winding, broken path leading to the second!

Writer Amir Atef

The writer Amir Atef was born in Cairo, Egypt, October 10, 1984, Bachelor of Arts, studied Greek and Latin literature and has several critical articles on the work of ancient Greek writers …
**Published by Amir Atef:
– The novel “Emergency – Tare’ “in September 2014, In August 2015, he gave its rights to make it a movie , and he will continue to write the script for her after completing his next novel …
– “None of the previous– la shai’ mema sabaq”, in January 2016.
– “Logarithm – Logharitm” in January 2017
– “Don’t start murder – la tabda’ al katl” in January 2018
– “Revenge Circles – dawaer al entekam” in January 2020
all published by by Dawn Publishing and Distribution…

– “Gerisha island – dawaer al entekam” in January 2022
all published by by Dawn Publishing and Distribution…

* Source: Wikipedia

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