Novel Tare’ – Emegency – Amir Atef

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Novel Tare' - Emegency - Amir Atef

About the novel: Novel Tare’ – Emegency – Amir Atef

In spite of everything that happened to “Tariq Effat Al-Shimi,” and despite all that he suffered and witnessed, but if time had gone back a thousand times, he would do everything that he did every time, many events and paradoxes had happened in his life, he thought for a moment that it was no more than coincidence. But he did not know that it was an integral part of it, he did not know that nostalgia might make a present parallel to his present, who lived it, he did not know that he would one day be confused, between two options.

The easiest of them is very difficult!
The subject is not just a person torn between a longing past and a rebellious present, the story is much larger, as there is a playful woman, an avid businessman, a greedy psychiatrist and a gang practiced in the trade of human organs. The easiest thing they have is killing!
All of these will meet them between the pages of this interesting novel that boldly reveals the details of other lives that we do not know much about, and transmits the other side of the truth, or that we think is the truth!

Writer Amir Atef

The writer Amir Atef was born in Cairo, Egypt, October 10, 1984, Bachelor of Arts, studied Greek and Latin literature and has several critical articles on the work of ancient Greek writers …
**Published by Amir Atef:
– The novel “Emergency – Tare’ “in September 2014, In August 2015, he gave its rights to make it a movie , and he will continue to write the script for her after completing his next novel …
– “None of the previous– la shai’ mema sabaq”, in January 2016.
– “Logarithm – Logharitm” in January 2017
– “Don’t start murder – la tabda’ al katl” in January 2018
– “Revenge Circles – dawaer al entekam” in January 2020
all published by by Dawn Publishing and Distribution…

– “Gerisha island – dawaer al entekam” in January 2022
all published by by Dawn Publishing and Distribution…

* Source: Wikipedia

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