Seven 7 problems facing the readers & how to overcome them

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Seven problems facing the reader and how to overcome them

Seven problems facing the reader and how to overcome them

Dear friends, readers and followers … Welcome … with you Amir Amir Atef .. Today we will talk about a very important topic … which is how to overcome boredom while reading .. many of us put in his plan to read certain books .. but you face problems that prevent him in Implementing that plan .. and prevents him from reading the books he was planning to read .. and many of us start reading a specific book and feel that he cannot exceed 15 or 20 pages .. and then he feels very bored .. Today I will tell you several tips that you can overcome this boredom .. And after you watch this video to the end .. I promise you that you will be able to complete your plan to read the books you want successfully .. Without lengthening, let’s start

1 - The first advice is... simply

Read what you like .. This advice is considered easy and abstaining .. Because at the beginning of reading you will find yourself unable to determine what you like .. but at least you have a writer or more than one writer you feel comfortable with .. Try to read better A book for him .. even if you have read this book before .. read it again .. because by reading it you will enter the field of reading again .. and you have the incentive to finish it and start reading other books .. and not a condition that you love a writer What is because he is famous .. You do not like a writer because he is famous .. No .. The writer’s love because he writes what you love .. He writes what you are comfortable with .. It is very possible that you read to the writer what everyone loves but you cannot understand .. If you read a book and feel that you are not Understand it .. Read a little of it .. If you find that you do not understand it more than you understand .. Leave the book immediately … Maybe you understand it later.

Never bother your mind by reading a specific book by a writer because he is famous and he wrote it on the highest selling..or because your friends love him..and not because the book is on the best selling shelves, this is an indication of the high literary or scientific value .. This is not enough to love this book or this writer. This decision must come from you. Then think about the writer’s reputation and the opinions of people about it.

2 - Browsing the Goodreds site .

In the beginning, I would like to tell you that the Goodreads site is one of the most important sites interested in books, readers and reading in general .. Rather, it is the most important site at all .. Because of this importance I will dedicate a episode explaining everything about this site .. But now I will suffice to ask you to browse This site .. just entering this site will encourage you to choose a specific book and read it without getting bored .. because this site will simply encourage you to start .. and start now .. leave facebook, twitter, tik tok and all these applications and spend a great time on goodridds .

Here, I would like to tell you something important .. Do not compare yourself to a reader when you see his reviews of books on the Goddreds site .. Or when you see that he has finished reading 10 novels in a month .. He may have more time than you .. Perhaps the circumstances of his life are different from the conditions of your life. He may be a liar and all his reviews are nothing but a lie and a pretense .. Do not compare yourself to any other reader and be yourself.

I will talk extensively on the types of readers in the Goodreds episode

Seven problems facing the reader and how to overcome them3

3- Choose the right time for reading

You should know that every one of us has a very good time to read .. I, as Atef Prince, cannot tell you this time .. because it differs from one person to another .. There is a person who loves to read in the morning as the mind clears and the sun rises and a new day begins … and there is another person Loves to read at night as it is quiet and get rid of the day’s burdens . . And so … There is a third person who loves reading in transportation .. Choosing the right time for reading is expected on the nature of your life, your studies, your work, and your lifestyle in general .. The important thing is that you sit and search yourself on this time and dedicate it to reading .. If you tell me that you do not have time to read, I will say You say that you are nonsense .. because you definitely have at least an hour that you can dedicate to reading .. if you really like to read.

But I will not say that you are saying nonsense .. I will assume that you are honest .. I will consider that you really do not have any time to read during the day .. In this case I wait to see the last point in this video … and this problem will be solved for you.

4- Create a time plan

This plan will be divided into two parts .. a step in the short term and a plan in the long term .. the plan in the short term means that you set a maximum to end it .. and a plan in the long term that you will decide how many books you will finish reading during this month .. and a plan for a longer term decides It contains the number of books that you will read in a year.

But you must bear in mind that when it comes to reading, the matter is how it is, not how much .. The story of Azazel, although its size is not large, but I finished reading it in ten days .. Because I used to taste it and taste every word in it and every line and every letter .. Do not burden yourself Unbearable and unbearable … Please .. Make your plan easy to implement

5- Section the content of your book or your novel that you read

Suppose that the book or novel that you read is made up of 300 pages .. decide to read 30 pages every day .. and therefore you will finish it in 10 days .. This means that in a month you will finish reading three books with the same argument .. and this rate is not bad for The launch.

Most of the time, when you finish 30 pages one day, you will find yourself feeling enjoying and want to read 10 or 20 other pages … thus you will find yourself finished reading the book in a shorter time .. The important thing is to follow Tip # 1 in this video .. It is to read what you love.

It is worth mentioning here .. I want to tell you that you do not necessarily have to read throughout the year .. No .. You can specify a week, two weeks, or even a month .. Vacation .. Stay away from reading completely .. In order to miss her at least .. Reading An important thing, but it is not the most beautiful thing in the world..Sure you have other interests..Do not frighten yourself and make reading for fun and enjoyment .. Even the collection of information you must reap it with enjoyment..There is no problem if you specify a certain period as a vacation from reading .. The important Not to make this period large … so that you do not find it difficult again to return to reading.

Seven problems facing the reader and how to overcome them4

6 - give yourself a reward

Decide between you and yourself that if you finished reading a book on a specific date or before that date, you would reward yourself with a gift .. Let it be to buy something that you love .. It is not a requirement that this gift be expensive .. This item I did several times and found it very motivating

7 - The last tip: taking advantage of lost times ... wasted

This point is related to the third point .. If you feel that you do not have any time to read .. And all of your time is work .. Take advantage of the lost times during your day .. For example if you are in transportation .. or waiting for a certain thing .. Or you have a lost time between two tasks .. Make sure to have a book in your bag .. Or at least make sure to put a book in formula PDF In your phone .. Hold your phone and read in lost times .. You will be so I finished reading a book .. On the other hand, I was able to take advantage of lost times.

In the end .. I hope I have been able to inform you .. If you like the video and feel that you have benefited from it .. Click Like and share the video to all interested people .. If you are not subscribed .. Subscribe now and press the bell button to get notifications for each new video I publish it because I will make very important videos and episodes in the coming period .. This is a promise

If you have any questions, write it in the comments and I will answer you .. If you have any suggestion or topic you want me to make for him a episode .. Put your suggestion and I will implement it, God willing .. Bye .. Amir Atef

Seven problems facing the reader and how to overcome them2

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